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Andrew MillerMiller’s Monday Morning Message
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Toronto – October 26, 2015
Operational transparency is just as it sounds. You provide transparency in the way you operate, both internally and externally.
Externally, the more transparent you are, the less failure work you do. FEDEX is a very externally transparent organization. If you are a customer, you know exactly where your package is at all times. FEDEX gives you a website and a tracking number and the rest is up to you. They don’t waste fielding calls from customers asking, “Where is my package?” They have put that onus on the customer and made it in the customer’s best interests because they provide real-time information about the location of the package. That is operational transparency at its best.
Internally, the more transparent you are, the less your employees take up time wondering how decisions are made. The less time spent complaining about bureaucracy. The less time being frustrated about the approval process. If you set parameters about how decisions will be made, whether those be investment decisions, strategic decisions or decisions about which ideas will be implemented, employees will not waste time asking why a decision was made a certain way. They spend less time questioning and more time doing. They self-select based on the parameters that have been communicated. That helps with retention. That helps attract better people and that helps get things done.
Rank yourself between one and five on operational transparency. Where do you sit internally and externally? Where are you throwing money away?
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