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Toronto – September 30, 2013
This weekend I completed the Tough Mudder challenge. A series of military style obstacles set out over a tough, hilly course. This challenge is both physical and mental, as you spend hours climbing up and down ski hills, hurtling yourself over barriers, jumping into ice baths, crawling through mud, and climbing over walls. It was an amazing and unique experience.
What was most amazing was the sense of community one had with the other challengers taking part. Since this was not a race. Teamwork and camaraderie were the key focus of the event. People were always pumping each other up, cheering each other on, and helping each other get over the various obstacles. Everyone was there to support everyone else and get them through the challenge. That is what a community is supposed to be.
This is unlike a more recent example in my neighbourhood where people are trying to set up an online community to share information. The problem is that some people use it for their own gain, or their own amusement. There is a lot of insulting comments made, some even bordering on inappropriate. People are hesitant to make comments and others avoid the online community altogether.
So why does one community work and the other doesn’t?
Here’s what makes a successful community:
  • The community members have a common goal (business improvement, good education for kids, neighbourhood safety, completion of a challenge, and so on).
  • There are people in the community who help facilitate the development of the community.
  • The members of the community have each others best interests in mind, not their own individual interests.
  • There is a level of trust amongst community members and they share information and ideas openly.
  • The community provides more value collectively than the members of the community would achieve on their own.
  • The community members attract other like-minded people to join the community and add even more value.
I am now a proud member of the Tough Mudder community, and look forward to next year.
If you would like to see pictures from the event, click here.
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