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Toronto – October 28, 2013
The talk of Toronto these days is how well the Toronto Maple Leafs have started out the new hockey season. As of this writing, they were 8-4 and tied for first in the conference. However, Leaf fans being as critical as they are, the fact that the Leafs have been out shot by their opponents in most games has become a hot topic. People believe that the strong play of the Leafs can’t be sustained if the other team consistently gets more shots.
My simple question is, “Why?” If the Leafs are getting better quality shots and scoring chances than their opponents, why does the number of shots matter? People still hold the mentality that if you throw enough pucks at the net, maybe you’ll catch a break. This is sometimes true, but it’s the exception. Most goals are scored as a result of a quality scoring chance, not merely having a high volume of shots. Maybe we are measuring the wrong statistic.
Think about this in the context of your organization. Is it the number of opportunities you have or the quality of those opportunities? When you stratify your customer base, you focus on those opportunities that have the best growth potential and have the best fit for your organization. It’s about the quality of the opportunities, not the volume of them. Isn’t it better to have five high quality leads than 20 low quality ones?
“Too many organizations focus on every opportunity and give them all the same amount of attention,” says Andrew Miller. “The most successful organizations focus their efforts and resources on the best opportunities with the best prospective customers.”
Let’s hope the Leafs can continue to focus on the quality of their scoring chances and capitalize on them.
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