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Toronto – November 18, 2013
Now that the merger between US Airways and American Airlines Inc. has been approved and a deal has been reached, it forces us to ask how combining two average airlines will make one better airline. Both US Airways and American Airlines have an average ranking (three stars) when it comes to in-flight service, dealing with flight delays, and even cleanliness of the airlines. These average ratings all point back to the front line people who work for these two organizations and how they treat customers of the two airlines. If the people aren’t passionate about their organizations and aren’t empowered to make a difference, then why do we expect anything to change with the combined airline?
Here are some questions the new organization should be asking as it moves forward with the merger:
  • Is our strategy to be a low cost airline, or provide quality service, or both?
  • If both airlines had service issues taking place on the front lines, is the issue the people, the culture, or the processes we have in place?
  • Are the employees excited and passionate about the opportunity to work for this new organization?
  • What do we need to do to build an organization focused on the answers to the previous questions?
“There should certainly be cost savings as a result of the merger because you don’t need two of everything so some consolidation will take place,” says Andrew Miller, president of ACM Consulting. “Hopefully the new organization will invest those savings back into the company to improve the performance of its people and truly focus on the customer experience. Customer retention is directly linked to employee empowerment, so the organization either needs to get better people on the front lines, or give them the ability to deal with customers better (or both).” 
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