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Andrew MillerMiller’s Monday Morning Message
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Toronto – December 9, 2013
We are exposed to so much information that it is difficult to sift through it all. Do you ever wonder why we need to hear things three of four times before we absorb them? I don’t actually believe that we need repetition to act on things, because we act on something right away if it resonates with us and we see a benefit. The reason we need to hear things three or four times is because we are not always ready to listen the first or second time. It’s not a question of remembering it, it’s a question of the right time and the right place.
We have all been told something by a parent or sibling or spouse or colleague and have acted on it immediately. That’s because we saw the value in acting immediately. It’s also because, at that moment in time, we were ready to hear what the other person was saying. Contrast that to repetitive messages that we never act upon and consider what else was going on at the time. Were we ready to act or even absorb what we heard?
We should be spending more time trying to immediately apply things we hear and that resonate with us. We should be spending less time worrying about the information we are not applying. With all of the noise out there, if you can’t find a practical application for something right away, stop thinking about it. Inevitably you will hear about it again.
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