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Andrew MillerMiller’s Monday Morning Message
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Toronto – December 16, 2013
It’s the time of year when everyone starts to slow down and reflect on the year that’s been. We work less, we enjoy more, and we start to think about changes we want to make for the new year.
I’ve never been a big fan of New Year’s resolutions for two reasons. Firstly, they rarely stick. Secondly, and more importantly, why wait to make the change? There are still two weeks left in the year. Why wait to start that diet or set up that meeting with a new prospective customer?
Executives are still working. Companies are still running. Customers are still buying. New products and services are still being invented and enhanced. There is no reason to wait until 2014 to make the behaviour changes you want to make. There is no better way to start off the new year well than by finishing off this year strongly.
While everyone else is slowing down, you speed up. That might create the competitive advantage you need to make 2014 your best year ever.
And to help you start the year off right, sign up for my free Operational Excellence workshop on January 30. You will learn strategies you can apply right away to help improve the profitability and performance of your organization.
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