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Andrew MillerMiller’s Monday Morning Message
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Toronto – March 3, 2014
“Innovation” is the new word that everyone wants to talk about. How do we become more innovative? How can we increase innovation? How can we change the market with innovation?
What is often forgotten is that a key component to fostering innovation is collaboration. Working with others to enhance an idea or concept. We can all agree that failure is a part of innovation and you need to encourage that failure in order to really develop something special.
But collaboration is sometimes lost when organizations try to encourage and foster innovation. Here are some key questions to consider to help encourage collaboration: 
  • How will this innovation impact the organization as a whole?
  • Are there other business units or divisions that might benefit from this innovation? What benefits would they see?
  • Could this innovation have a detrimental impact on other areas of the organization?
  • How could this innovation be improved or enhanced even further?

Looking into these questions will force you to collaborate, but not just for the sake of collaborating. This collaboration will enhance the ideas you already have and increase your chances of launching successful innovation.

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