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Andrew MillerMiller’s Monday Morning Message
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Toronto – April 7, 2014
I often get asked by clients and colleagues, “If you were running my organization, what changes would you make?” So here are some immediate things I would do if I took over an organization tomorrow:
  1. Eliminate annual employee performance reviews and replace them with more regular reviews, thus making my managers must more accountable to manage.
  2. Refuse to go to any meeting where we weren’t discussing something that would have a significant impact on the results of the organization.
  3. Ensure I spent at least 50% of everyday meeting with customers, suppliers, and business partners.
  4. Eliminate most of the metrics that are currently being used and only use ones that clearly show we are progressing towards our future state.
  5. Eliminate strategy retreats and time-consuming planning meetings and focus the organization on implementation and execution.
  6. Create a separate innovation team and implement a process for managing innovation to ensure we measure the possible impact of new ideas and then integrate them into the way we operate.

Most organizations aren’t doing a lot of the things I mentioned above, even though implementing them would improve their performance and results. So why isn’t it happening?

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