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Andrew MillerMiller’s Monday Morning Message
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Toronto – May 5, 2014
We talk so often about the importance of experience and we feel that the longer we have been doing something, the better we are at it. But that’s not necessarily true. Just because someone has been in the same job for 25 years doesn’t mean they can do it better than someone who has never done it before. The fact that a person has 30 years experience in the same industry doesn’t make them an expert in the industry, it just means they have been there a long time.
We often overrate experience because it gives us comfort to hire someone with experience. You can’t go wrong hiring someone who has 25 years experience in the same industry, can you? Of course you can.
The Toronto Raptors lost to the Brooklyn Nets yesterday in Game 7 of their playoff series. Through the previous 10 games, the teams were very evenly matched even though Brooklyn’s players have a great deal more experience than the Raptors. But they only won by one point. If the Raptors, the more inexperienced team, had won, would anyone talk about the importance of Brooklyn’s experience?
Experience may be a factor in the results a person can achieve, but we shouldn’t be hiring or making decisions purely based on someone’s experience. We should be hiring someone based on their ability to achieve the results we expect. Experience is only one factor that may contribute to their ability to get those results.
Before looking at experience, organizations that are hiring should be looking at a candidate’s attitude, competency, and mindset. This is my ACM model. Experience only matters if it will help achieve better results. Don’t hire purely based on experience, but based on whether you think the candidate can meet or exceed what is expected of them.
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