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Andrew MillerMiller’s Monday Morning Message
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Toronto – May 12, 2014
Innovation is the new buzz word. But if we assume innovation means improving performance and not just restoring past performance, we can all agree that organizations need to innovate in order to be successful. In my experience working with organizations of all kinds, the most innovative companies (and therefore the most successful ones) share certain characteristics:

  • They know what innovation means to them, why innovation is important, and are able to communicate that effectively
  • Their employees have the freedom to fail productively
  • They focus on improving performance, not just fixing things through problem-solving
  • They reward behaviour, not just victories (acknowledgement)
  • They encourage internal and external collaboration
  • They always look for ways to get the same or better results, only faster and cheaper
  • They include the identification of innovative practices in individual performance evaluations
  • They formally manage the process of innovation
How many of these characteristics can you comfortably say your organization has?

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