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Andrew MillerMiller’s Monday Morning Message
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Toronto – September 1, 2014
Too many organizations spend time and money working on strategy, and not enough on the execution and implementation of that strategy. They go on these wonderful strategy retreats where big ideas are discussed, but very few organizations come back with a clear cut plan on which of those ideas will be implemented and how.
Implementation is far more important than the development of the strategy. Implementation ability is what separates you from your competition. Your organization will derive a lot more value from the implementation of the ideas being discussed as opposed to just the development of the ideas themselves.
Here are some strategies for making implementation and execution more sustainable and successful: 
  • Involve key employees at various levels in the development of the strategy so that they take ownership of its implementation.
  • Have someone accountable for driving and accelerating the implementation of the strategy.
  • Develop clear success metrics for the implementation at all levels of the organization so that the direction is clear and aligned.
  • Spend time developing the appropriate implementation plan and anticipate adoption roadblocks so you can remove them or figure out ways to go around them.
  • Be willing to invest lots of time and money in the successful implementation so you can develop the required skills.
There are a lot of organizations that struggle with the implementation side and therefore look for outside help, and there is nothing wrong with that. I do lots of this type of work for my clients.
If you invested in having someone help develop the strategy, why wouldn’t you invest in having an expert come in and help you maximize results through the implementation?

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