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Andrew MillerMiller’s Monday Morning Message
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Toronto – April 8, 2013
Many of the organizations I have been speaking with lately have a similar challenge; how to  better engage with customers. 
Here are three things to help you engage with customers better:
  • Prepare for successToo often we are prepared for the worst, but not prepared for the best. This is not the path to success. Last week, I called a CEO and was surprised when he answered the phone because I was expecting voicemail. I was caught off guard because I was prepared for failure (voicemail) and not success (him picking up the phone). How are you preparing for your meetings and phone calls?
  • Anticipate their challengesBefore meeting with a client, think about what their issues are and where they might need support or assistance. Do they need to adhere to new legislation? Do they have new competitors? Are they going through a leadership change? If you can anticipate their challenges, you will have a more engaging discussion when you meet with them.
  • Know the next stepsAlways think about the next step in the relationship. I met with an organization last week and after the meeting, I sent my colleague an article with some insight on the subject that we were discussing. I can then follow-up and see if the article was valuable. Always consider what the next step will be and how that next step can add value.
Business development is all about building strong relationships and adding value,” says Andrew Miller, President of ACM Consulting. “Anyone that doesn‘t adjust to that model is going to have a tough time being successful.
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