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Andrew MillerMiller’s Monday Morning Message
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Toronto – October 20, 2014
Growing up playing hockey, I was never the biggest or the strongest player on the ice. But once I started playing contact, I realized that I could knock almost any player over. I had a low centre of gravity and I developed a good sense of skating at the right speed, taking the right angle, and delivering the impact in the right spot.
Organizations that want to be successful need to develop a low centre of gravity. When you have a low centre of gravity you are able to knock over bigger obstacles. Those obstacles might be external (competitors, market access, government regulations), or they might be internal (unwillingness to change, bureaucracy, poor leadership). Organizations that develop that low centre of gravity do so by focusing on speed, angles, and impact.
They determine the optimal speed at which to operate. They approach from the proper angle in order to maximize the impact of what they are doing.
Does your organization have a low centre of gravity or are you standing upright, ready to be knocked over?
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