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Andrew MillerMiller’s Monday Morning Message
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Toronto – October 27, 2014
Many parents around the world spend many Saturday and Sunday mornings in hockey rinks. This week we received an email from my son’s house league convener with very strict rules about the arena parking lot. The email directed us to use only one opening to enter the parking lot and the other opening to exit. At the time, these seemed like some arbitrary rules that were being issued.
However, as I was leaving the parking lot this morning (out the assigned exit), a woman pulled into the parking lot through the exit opening, cutting off everyone trying to leave the parking lot. Chaos ensued. Horns blared. And the woman had to reverse out of the lot onto a busy street, endangering herself and others. I guess she never got the email.
Some rules are made for good reason, and others are made without any expected improvement to outcomes. In this case, the rule was made to ensure the safety of the children walking through the parking lot and to ensure a quick and orderly exit from the parking lot.
How many of your organization’s procedures improve outcomes, and how many create unnecessary frustration and additional work with no improved result?
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