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Toronto – November 10, 2014
We use the word “culture” to describe how an organization as a whole behaves. Entrepreneurial culture. Collaborative culture. Customer-focused culture. This doesn’t make much sense because we can’t change a culture. Culture is something that happens as a result of certain behaviours. When organizations say that they want to change their “culture,” what they really mean is that they want to change the behaviours in their organization.
Changing the behaviours of the employees in an organization is not that difficult in theory. Here’s a short how-to checklist:

  1. Determine the behaviour you want employees to exhibit.
  2. Tell employees the behaviour you expect them to exhibit.
  3. Ensure managers and leaders exhibit that behaviour.
  4. Evaluate and measure people based on whether or not they exhibit that behaviour.
Too many organizations don’t even make it past the first step because they really aren’t sure what kind of environment they want to have. They don’t know how they want their people to behave, or more likely, are unwilling to behave that way themselves.
When you try to change behaviours within your organization, what poses the biggest barrier to making those changes?
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