Miller’s Monday Morning Message

Andrew MillerMiller’s Monday Morning Message
presented by ACM Consulting Inc.Andrew Miller on operational excellence, strategy, life balance and everything in between

Toronto – January 5, 2015
Now that we have officially entered 2015, we can stop talking about resolutions and all of the promises that we want to keep. It always ends up being a disappointment when you make promises because you feel you need to. 2015 should be a year where we try something new, but also build on our past successes. A new year doesn’t have to mean a fresh start. It can also mean a continuation of what has worked for us in the past. Instead of taking time to develop promises and resolutions you won’t keep, use that time to determine what caused you to be successful in 2014 and how you will replicate and enhance it in 2015.
Make 2015 the year that you gain a better understanding of the things you did right and how to continue to apply them.
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