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Toronto – January 19, 2015
It was announced last week that Target will be closing all of its 133 stores in Canada. This is a major failure in Target’s first (and possibly last) try at international expansion. So what went wrong?
Target didn’t replicate the model that worked for them in the U.S. In the Canadian stores, items were often missing from the shelves. The selection of items wasn’t as good as in the U.S. stores. The prices were on average 10-20% more expensive than in the U.S. It was a completely different experience. Canadian customers expected a certain experience and Target didn’t provide it. They didn’t offer enough value to stop Canadians from driving two hours and shopping at Target in the U.S.
Four of the key factors to maximizing customer retention are consistency, innovation, quality, and service. Target Canada struggled with all of them.
What are you doing to ensure you provide a consistent experience that meets your customers’ expectations?
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