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Toronto – July 1, 2013
Happy Canada Day to those Canadians celebrating Canada’s birthday today. And for those in the U.S., happy early fourth of July.
We have a lot to be thankful for in Canada, despite the fact that we complain a lot. The economy is going well, we have a strong healthcare system, we have great universities to educate our children and we have a stable political system.
Many take the contrary viewpoint to the statements I just made. That the economy is stumbling. That is the healthcare system is too expensive and getting worse. That our education system no longer meets the needs of our children. That our political system is a mess.
But many of those same people don’t do anything about it but complain. When asked for solutions, they don’t have any better ones. When asked to pay more taxes, they refuse. When asked to get involved, they decline.
Let’s spend this Canada Day enjoying what we do have in this great country, which is a place where we are all free to voice our opinions, to contribute to make society better, and to live in a place where our children can truly grow up to be whatever it is they want to be.
Let’s give Canada a break for at least one day, and instead of focusing on what’s missing, let’s focus on what we have and be thankful for it. Everyone deserves a free pass on his or her birthday.
Happy Canada Day!
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