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Miller's Monday Morning Message
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Toronto – June 27, 2011 – There has been a lot of talk recently about how RIM may become the next Nortel. A Canadian giant who is losing ground to global competitors. But all is not lost for RIM. They are still known to have the best data security in the smart phone and tablet market, and they need to exploit that advantage. But the bigger question people want answered is "Why does this keep happening?" Let's eliminate the argument that this is happening because RIM is Canadian. This has nothing to do with RIM being Canadian. This has to do with a very successful company enjoying their success a little too much while the competition innovated and created products that the mainstream consumer wanted. While RIM was riding high on the preference that corporations had for their products, Apple and Google and others, were building smart phones and tablets that everybody wanted to use. RIM is not the first company to get complacent once they became successful (see General Motors, Toyota, etc.). We want to play the Canada card and blame our size or lack of competitiveness, but the reality was that RIM has fallen into a trap that many successful companies find themselves in, the motivation to continue to innovate and improve while being on top of the world. There are only two ways this can play out, RIM works it's way out of the trap and continues to be successful, or one of their competitors makes an aggressive play to acquire their assets. Either way, it will be an interesting story to follow.
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