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Miller's Monday Morning Message
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Toronto – July 4, 2011 – Fixing our healthcare system is of course, on the top of everyone's mind these days. But what is actually being done about it? Many politicians are positioning themselves for election or re-election, and no one has come up with a reasonable alternative for the current structure. There are, of course, a couple of things we know: that the current system is not sustainable; and that to change that system will be difficult. But we also know where we need to get to: more use of electronic records; more care in the home for elders; more efficient use of current resources, potential partnerships with private healthcare companies, etc… So why is it so hard? Because it is too big a change to be driven from the top (government) down. Change must come from individuals and groups of organizations. Increased collaboration amongst a few institutions at a time will be the key to successfully shifting our healthcare system. Change is only successful when those impacted by the change have self-interest in making the change, so we cannot legislate our way out of the this (although we will try). It is not about just slashing budgets and cutting staff, it is about engaging the healthcare population to make decisions in the best interests of the patient (which would reduce infection rates, mortality rates, incorrect procedures, etc…) which will in turn benefit the system as a whole. We have a lot of great people in healthcare and as a healthcare executive recently told me, "Sometimes we have to just get out of their way and let them do good work." Not always our strong suit.
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