Miller’s Monday Morning Message

Miller's Monday Morning Message
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Toronto – July 25, 2011 – The recent tragedy in Norway reminds us to take pleasure in every moment. The senseless killing of almost 100 people, mostly teenagers, leaves us in mourning and asking a lot of questions. Why did this happen? How could we have prevented it? What will we do differently to ensure that it never happens again? Life is full of high moments and low ones and my heart goes out to those who are grieving lost family members. But life is going to be full of challenges and we need to develop ways to cope with those challenges. That means not only enjoying the good moments, but also figuring out ways to heal ourselves in the not-so-good-moments. Over the next few days, we will hear great stories of leadership and heroism, but the real heroes will shine over the next few months and years as they emerge from this tragedy as stronger, better leaders. It is when challenges present themselves that true leaders step to the forefront.
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