After having some great meetings with clients, prospects and colleagues this week, here are a few musings:

  • Before deciding on purchasing a new technology system, determine what you want that system to do in terms of outcomes and figure out the most effective way to make that happen.
  • When implementing any new technology system, ensure that you understand what needs to happen OUTSIDE of that system  in order to best leverage what the system can do.
  • Spending time with smart people makes you smarter and helps raise your game.
  • One of the most important factors in building a culture of innovation is removing the process of innovation from normal business activities and the normal metrics for success.
  • When you are too accommodating with clients, colleagues or even family, you create the wrong habits.
  • You need to say what’s on your mind and see how others react.
  • Asking provocative questions is an underused and valuable skill.
  • Look for success you have had, figure out what you did to be successful and then replicate it in other areas.
  • If something can help you and provide value, they will like working with you.

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