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Operational Excellence video tips

I will be speaking at FEI Canada's annual conference in June on the role of the finance executive in driving innovation.

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Operational Excellence video tips
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Andrew Miller

I have recently created (and will continue to create) short videos to help provoke your thinking and help you implement operational excellence across your organization.

These video will be posted on my blog every Wednesday.

Here are the first five videos for your viewing pleasure:

Maximizing impact - In this video, I use a hockey analogy to discuss the three components required to maximize impact - speed, angle, and power.

Purposeful Customer Retention Reduction - In this video, I discuss why it's important to focus your customer retention efforts on your ideal customers.

True Profit™ - In this video, I discuss the importance of finding your organization's True Profit™ and some ways to help you discover it.

Customer Retention - In this video, I identify the four key factors to maximizing customer retention.

Redefining Operational Excellence - In this video, I discuss some practical ways for your organization to maximize profitability and performance by redefining operational excellence.

To see all of my videos, check out my YouTube channel.

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