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Volume 39, August 2014
This monthly newsletter is designed specifically to help healthcare executives and business owners raise the bar within their organizations by providing insights on how to improve performance and maximize operational effectiveness and profitability.
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Andrew Miller is a leading expert in operational excellence. He helps his clients maximize profitability and performance by integrating strategies around driving innovation and collaboration, improving customer on boarding and retention, aligning strategy and execution, hiring and retaining top people, and optimizing speed.

His healthcare clients include renowned hospitals, global healthcare suppliers, shared service organizations, group purchasing organizations, private clinics and government institutions.


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A Prescription for Boosting Performance

The key to the health of any healthcare organization is to learn how to identify areas to boost performance where others don't normally look. Healthcare organizations can rely on some outside help to find them but they also need to develop that competency on their own. if you want to master this skill, here are some questions to consider:

  • What areas of your organization have not been recently reviewed, updated, or changed (business processes, organizational structure, etc.)?
  • How can you provide more value to customers in markets where there is a shifting business model?
  • How are you determining the future vision of your organization and attracting the right talent to meet those future needs?
  • What kind of company do you want to be, and what do you need to do to achieve that?
  • What areas of your organization have potential that have not yet been exploited?
  • What is happening in your industry or with your competitors that you can gain from?
  • What conventional approach can you challenge or reverse to boost performance?

Finding performance boosts doesn’t always have to come from something within your organization. Sometimes opportunities present themselves from the outside. Airbus has had a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on the challenges Boeing has had getting its Dreamliner airplane off the ground. Boeing’s Dreamliner has experienced delay after delay in production; it finally made it through final approval, only to be grounded for various reasons. Unfortunately, Airbus has not been able to take advantage of this opportunity. But that’s not because the opportunity wasn’t there. It’s because Airbus was not looking for opportunities in the right places and wasn’t able to take advantage of the right opportunity when it presented itself.

Are you able to find opportunities to boost performance or take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves?

To help you find the greatest areas of opportunity, take this assessment.


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