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Volume 54, March 2014
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Andrew Miller

The monthly electronic newsletter presented by Andrew Miller.

My newsletter focuses on providing ways to generate dramatic ideas and quickly optimize the speed, and improve the performance and profitability of your organization.

How To Accelerate the Application of New Ideas (Part 1)

We are constantly hearing about new ideas and new strategies to improve the way our organizations operate. We may hear something at an industry conference or read about it in a book. But we often don't implement that idea effectively enough and this is usually because we don't test the idea effectively enough to give it a chance for success.
Testing the idea doesn't mean taking a long and arduous process to identify every single activity that is required. But it does mean taking a disciplined approach to making a decision whether the idea should be implemented. Here are five questions you should consider before implementing a new idea or strategy within your organization:

  1. Does the idea or strategy align with the direction that my organization is going? You want to ensure that any idea or strategy that gets implemented aligns with the direction the organization is going and helps to achieve your organizational goals.
  2. What impact would the idea have on my organization? It's important that you are clear on what the impact will be on the organization. Will it increase profits? Help with employee or customer retention? Help you move into a new market more easily? Clearly identify what the impact would be and communicate it to all employees.
  3. What do I need to do to achieve that impact? Developing a plan of action will help you implement the idea or strategy successfully. What activities need to be performed and what measures of success will be used? This will help keep the organization focused in the right direction.
  4. Does the organization have the capability to implement the idea successfully? Notice I didn't use the word 'capacity' here. Too many organizations claim they don't have the capacity for any more change, but that's only because they are going about change in the the wrong way. Ensure that you have the right skills and the right people to implement the idea successfully. If you don't, find the right people and then implement it or don't implement it at all.
  5. Who will be accountable for achieving results? There can only be only one person who is accountable for the success or failure of the idea, so identify who that is. There may be many people responsible for making it happen, but only one person can be accountable. Too many organizations don't have clear accountability when implementing new ideas and strategies.

These questions take you through a simple process to ensure that the new idea aligns with your overall strategy, that there is a good reason for using organizational resources on the new idea, and that the organization has the opportunity to actually achieve the expected results. Take a few minutes with your senior team and apply these questions to a new idea or strategy you would like to implement and see if they help you look at the strategy from all sides.
These questions should help to eliminate some ideas that may sound good, but would end up being a waste of valuable time and resources.

Check out next month's newsletter for part two of how you can accelerate the application of new ideas.

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