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Volume 50, September 2013
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Andrew Miller

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Accelerating New Revenue Opportunities

My family and I recently stayed at Deerhurst, which is a beautiful resort in Muskoka, about two hours north of Toronto.

There is an activity desk there where you can book different activities around the resort – rock climbing, a petting zoo, hummer tours, and so on. The activity desk is staffed by very friendly young women who are always smiling and at least appear to like their jobs. When we arrived, I went to the activity desk to find out what was going on for the few days we were there. I was very politely told that there was a brochure that I could take and decide what I wanted to do with my children. The young woman was very friendly and helpful.

But here's my issue…she had a great opportunity to create additional revenue for the resort without being pushy or aggressive. She merely had to highlight some of the key activities. She could have noticed that I was with my five year-old daughter and mentioned she might like the pony rides, or that many families who stay at the hotel have really enjoyed taking a boat tour.

It's not her fault, she did her job as she was instructed to do it. And that's the problem with customer satisfaction metrics. They don't measure anything tangible except how a customer feels. She could have engaged me in a conversation and asked what my family likes to do, or even better, engaged my daughter in a conversation about what she likes to do, then highlighted some options for us.

If someone were to have handed me a customer service survey on the spot, I would have given her high marks. She was friendly, smiling, polite, knowledgeable and helpful. But from the resort's perspective (and my perspective as a leading expert in operational excellence), there was a lost revenue opportunity.

You need to consider what you are measuring when it comes to those who have direct interaction with your customers and figure out new and creative ways to generate new revenue opportunities.

What behaviour changes can you make today that can create new revenue immediately?

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