Obama and Fox News

The topic du jour is that Obama's White House is going after Fox News and essentially saying that what they provide is not news and clearly biased. Of course it is biased. Are there any networks that are not biased? But that is not the point. The point is, why is Obama going after them in the first place? If you are trying to discredit someone, isn't the best way to do it by ignoring them and not giving them a platform? By going after Fox, Obama has not only boosted their ratings, but he has also given them credibility. The average person will think "if these guys are able to get under the skin of the President, there must be something to what they have to say."

You cannot defend yourself against every critic, so pick your battles, and when you do pick your battles, do it on a higher level. Instead of saying that what Fox reports is not news, and trying to remove their White House credentials, why not address Fox's criticisms of the Obama White House by sending their smartest people onto Fox's shows and rebut their arguments? Engage in a debate at a mature level, not use schoolyard bullying to prove a point, it only makes things worse.

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