Oracle Hires Mark Hurd

I wrote a few weeks ago about how Mark Hurd resigned from HP…well he has now re-surfaced as co-President of Oracle. This is a huge coup for Larry Ellison. Not only does Oracle get the guy who ran the show for one of their biggest competitors, they also hire one of Ellison's good friends and a seasoned executive. When Hurd was asked to resign from HP, Ellison said that the HP board had made one of the worst personnel decisions he had ever seen. So now Ellison not only gets someone who ran one of his competitors, he also gets to stick it in the eye of the HP board of directors.

What may be lost in all of this could be the fact that Hurd will be co-President. Not only will he have to give over the spotlight to Ellison, he will need to share decision-making with Safra Katz. I am not sure that this will work because on the surface, accountability is muddy. Who has the final say? What if Hurd and Katz don't agree, did Ellison just sign up to be a glorified referee? Either way, if I was HP, I would be worried. One of their main competitors just got a whole lot stronger.

Watching how this plays out might be a great example of what (not) to do when setting up accountabilities within your organization.

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