People are worried, and that is a good thing

As I was speaking at a conference last week, I looked around the room and realized that people were there for different reasons. Some wanted to network, others wanted to skip out of work, but most wanted to learn more about the topic. It came to my attention that people need help these days and lots of it. Everyone is worried about where the economy is going to go so they are taking steps to improve themselves and their abilities. I believe that the next few years will be very interesting for us because people are going to come out of this downturn more creative and more intelligent about their businesses.

In any economic struggle, more innovation is created. Companies need to develop new ways to gain access to their customers. They need to find new products to sell and services to provide. They need to provide new and creative ways of marketing themselves. I think this is a very exciting time to be in the business world and I look forward to seeing in what direction we progress.

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