Poland and succession planning

What can the tragedy in Poland tell us about succession planning? Simple. Every organization should have a succession plan. It is a terrible and tragic event that happened when the President, his wife, his army commander, his naval commander and other senior staff and advisors all died in a plane crash. Governments usually have a plan in place for succession, but it was certainly never anticipated to be on this large a scale. Nevertheless, each department has a succession plan for their leadership in order to keep the country running smoothly. Does your organization have a succession plan? What would happen if your whole leadership team walked out tomorrow? Do you know who would take their place? We can never anticipate when tragic events such as the one in Poland will happen, but we can be ready for them when they do. Identify the next-in-command for all of the critical roles in your organization. The last thing people need when they are dealing with the shock of such a tragedy is the perception of a leadership vacuum. This leads to chaos and panic. Prepare for the worst. It is one of those unfortunate lessons we learn when disaster strikes.

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