Are You Rapidly and Effectively Onboarding New Customers?

In order to determine how effectively you are bringing on new customers, here are some questions to review and think about:

No. Question
1 What activities are we asking customers to perform that we could be performing for them?
2 What activities are we performing that are not measurably adding any value to the process of bringing a new customer on board?
3 What data can be gathered in advance of the customer being acquired that will accelerate the onboarding process?
4 What activities can be simplified or standardized (such as form completion, setup, and so on)?
5 How can technology be used to automate some of the current manual activities being performed (such as form submission or data entry)?
6 What decisions does the customer need to take and how can we help make those decisions easiest for them?
7 What support will customers require to most effectively use our products and services?
8 How can we measure our results so we can improve our performance in the future?