Evaluating Service Provider Value

In order to determine how much value you are receiving from your service providers, you should be asking yourself these questions:

No. Question Yes No
1 Am I engaged with this organization on a regular basis through meetings and performance reviews?
2 Are they proactively communicating with me (as opposed to only when there is an issue or a new service to purchase)?
3 Are they coming to me with suggestions on how to add value to my organization?
4 Are they providing me with something that I cannot get elsewhere?
5 Do they have my best interests in mind?
6 Have I made any suggestions to help them improve their processes or systems?
7 Do I have open access to their other customers to share information, lessons learned and best practices?
8 Am I receiving tangible benefits from being a part of this relationship?
9 Are they easy to work with?
10 Would I recommend them to a colleague or peer?