Operational Excellence Assessment

This assessment will help you identify areas where you can improve the performance and profitability of your organization. It has been mentioned in IndustryWeek magazine and used by organizations around the world.

4 = Strongly Agree
3 = Moderately Agree
2 = Moderately Disagree
1 = Strongly Disagree

Speed Optimization
The statements in this section assess how rapidly you work as an organization.

No. Statement 1 2 3 4
1 We are flexible enough to react quickly to market shifts or new market opportunities.
2 We are generally fast to market with new products or services.
3 We make decisions quickly.
4 We have an action-oriented culture.
5 We know when to speed up and when to slow down in order to maximize profitability.

Strategic and Tactical Alignment
This section helps you assess whether or not you are effectively communicating and implementing your organizational strategy.

No. Statement 1 2 3 4
6 We know our competitive advantage and we leverage it in the marketplace.
7 We only perform activities that add value and we can measure the role that every activity plays in contributing to that value.
8 We have a clear vision of the future and everyone in the organization knows what their accountabilities are to get us there.
9 We tie mission to strategy, strategy to execution, and execution to operations.
10 We consistently monitor performance and results..

Customer Engagement
This section helps you assess how well you interact with customers and whether or not you are providing a unique and valuable experience for them.

No. Statement 1 2 3 4
11 We have the customers’ best interests in mind when we make decisions.
12 We include customers in the product or service development process.
13 We know exactly who our customers are and what their needs are.
14 We provide a forum for our customers to share information with, and learn from, each other.
15 We ask customers to help identify areas of improvement in the way we operate.

Innovation and Collaboration
This section helps you assess whether or not you have a corporate culture that encourages innovation and one where collaboration with business partners is prevalent.

No. Statement 1 2 3 4
16 We encourage ideas from employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners.
17 We build strong relationships with customers and business partners and these connections act as brand ambassadors and challenge our organization to improve.
18 We promote open and dynamic internal and external collaboration and communication.
19 We develop high quality products and/or services and continuously look for ways to improve and enhance them.
20 We are able to take ideas and effectively turn them into commercial products and services.

Customer Retention
This section helps you assess how well you retain your existing customers.

No. Statement 1 2 3 4
21 We make it easy for new customers to begin doing business with us.
22 We proactively communicate with customers (and not only when there is something new to sell them).
23 We turn our customers into brand ambassadors for our organization.
24 We stratify our customers and understand that not all customers are equal.
25 Existing customers often provide us with referrals to prospective customers.

This section helps you assess whether you are actually saving money by targeting cost reduction as a strategy.

No. Statement 1 2 3 4
26 We develop a business case or cost/benefit analysis for all key financial decisions.
27 We focus decision-making on total cost of ownership and value, not just unit cost savings.
28 We work with key suppliers and business partners to identify cost- saving opportunities.
29 We believe that success will come from revenue growth, not from cost cutting.
30 We are in control of our costs.

Talent Management
This section helps you assess if you have the right processes in place to attract and retain the best employees.

No. Statement 1 2 3 4
31 We have a hiring process that maximizes the number of quality candidates to choose from.
32 We empower our employees (and let them empower themselves) to make decisions that improve the way our organization operates.
33 We recruit specific candidates for key positions.
34 We have succession plans for key roles within the organization.
35 We identify top performers and future leaders within the organization and provide them additional development opportunities and mentoring based on their interests.

Thought Leadership
This section helps you assess if you are taking a leadership role in your marketplace.

No. Statement 1 2 3 4
36 We take an active role in helping to resolve industry issues.
37 We openly share our ideas and opinions.
38 We take an active role in industry associations and organizations.
39 We take actions that are consistent with the way that we want our organization to be perceived.
40 We are considered a thought leader in our marketplace.
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