Opportunity Assessment Matrix

4 = Strongly Agree
3 = Moderately Agree
2 = Moderately Disagree
1 = Strongly Disagree

No. Statement 1 2 3 4
1 We knew the RFP was coming out in advance of its arrival.
2 We had involvement/influence in the formulation of the RFP and the evaluation criteria.
3 The prospective customer’s needs fit well with the solutions we offer.
4 This is a current or past customer, or a customer of another division of our company.
5 We have a good relationship with key people in the prospective customer’s organization.
6 There is a low level of competition for the prospective customer’s business.
7 There is high future growth potential with the prospective customer.
8 The level of effort required to acquire the customer is justified by the possible results that can be achieved.
9 There other solutions we can offer that would be of value to the prospective customer.
10 There is a low amount of effort required to bring them on as a new customer.