The Collaboration Evaluation

In order to determine how well you collaborate with your business partners, you should be asking yourself these questions:

No. Question Yes No
1 Do we engage with business partners on a regular basis through meetings and performance reviews?
2 Are we proactively communicating with business partners (as opposed to only when there is an issue or a new good or service to purchase or sell)?
3 Do we explore all options when trying to resolve an issue with our business partners?
4 Are we providing our business partners with something they cannot get elsewhere?
5 Do we have our business partner’s best interests in mind?
6 Do we provide experience from other collaborations to help improve the performance of our business partners and their organizations?
7 Do we provide a forum for open and honest communication with business partners to achieve mutual benefit?
8 Do we work with business partners to find new and easier ways to do business together?
9 Would we refer our business partners to colleagues?
10 Are we easy to do business with?