Andrew’s New Book – The Unified Theory of Profitability

When we discuss accelerating top line growth and maximizing profitability, we often consider hiring more people, cutting expenses, or raising prices. What we should be doing is looking at different ways to effectively utilize what we already have. Rather than hiring new people, we need to improve the performance of our current employees.

As an alternative to cutting costs, we need better invest the money we already spend. Instead of raising prices, identify ideal customers to market and sell to.This book will discuss strategies on how to do all of these things and more.The author provides 25 ways to accelerate revenue growth and increase profitability immediately, without making any new financial investments. That is the Unified Theory of Profitability.

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Andrew’s Book on Redefining Operational Excellence

The old definition of operational excellence is a relic. Our world is too complex, too interconnected, and too fast-moving for organizations to achieve dramatic results simply by eliminating waste and increasing standardization. After all, no company ever cut their way to sustainable growth.

True operational excellence is not about “lean” or six sigma or any other methodology. Operational excellence is a mindset, and it achieves breakthrough results. It requires a company culture that questions current models and focuses on adding value, making improvements, and optimizing speed.

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