The Speed Principles

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Andrew’s New Ebook The Speed Principles™

Have you ever been driving down the road at the speed limit, wondering why? Why is that the right speed for this road? Why do drivers of different skill and experience get treated the same way? Why shouldn’t we be able to use our own discretion to determine our speed limit?

Contemplating these kinds of questions led me to write this booklet, although I was thinking of them in the context of business.

  • Why do most businesses follow regulated speed limits?
  • How do companies know what their maximum speed is if they have never accelerated?
  • What impact would it have on organizations if they could govern their own speed?
  • How can increasing speed maximize an organization’s results?
  • This booklet provides readers with 50 tangible ways to achieve the same (or better) business outcomes, only faster. Where else can you find that kind of immediate thrust for your business?