Teleconference – Increasing the Adoption of Innovation in Healthcare

The goal of this teleconference is simple: To provide a new approach that will accelerate the adoption of innovation in healthcare and make that adoption more effective and valuable.

On this teleconference, we will talk about a new approach to adopting innovation. This new approach includes how both healthcare providers and suppliers need to change their behaviour and what framework can be used to facilitate these changes.
On this teleconference, you will hear:
  • Why we need to change our approach to the adoption of innovation
  • Some insights on a new framework to consider
  • What behaviour changes need to be made by both healthcare providers and suppliers

On this teleconference, I will take specific questions from the audience to ensure that your interests are best served.

This free, one-hour teleconference will take place on Thursday July 11 at 10:00EST. A free download of the teleconference will be provided to everyone who registers.

If you want to learn strategies on how to thrive in this new healthcare environment, you can’t miss this event.

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