Why Your Operational Excellence Function is Failing You

Most companies are creating, or have already created, an operational excellence function. It is essential that this operational excellence function not only be focused on improving processes and eliminating waste. It must help you generate more revenue and increase your profitability. A thriving operational excellence function improves both financial AND operational performance.

On this one-hour teleconference, you will learn:

  • The four essential components for a thriving operational excellence function
  • How to identify, prioritize, and exploit new opportunities
  • How to accelerate your realization of financial and operational improvements
  • How to generate revenue and increase profits in areas where you don’t normally look
  • How to make the best use of your people and resources to maximize impact
  • How to cultivate the rest of the organization to generate bigger and better ideas
  • How to boost results through your own internal best practices
  • How to build a mindset of operational excellence into your organization’s DNA

The teleconference will be held on Friday November 27 at 11:00amEST and the cost is $99CDN.

A recording will be provided to all who register.

Don’t miss this opportunity to find and exploit new ways to improve financial and operational performance.

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