Returning That Phone Message Makes You a Better Person

It does not take much to differentiate yourself these days, just return someone's phone call. Whether it is a customer, potential customer, colleague, friend…it does not matter, just return the call. I am amazed at how many voicemail messages go unreturned. It is certainly a humbling experience when you leave someone one or two messages and hear nothing back. Why is it humbling? Think about the messages that you don't return. Why don't you return them? Because you don't deem the person to be important enough to take up your precious time or you feel all they want is something from you. Scary eh? It scares me if that is the way that I am being perceived by others.

Building relationships, customer service, winning business, getting good value, soliciting donations and a million other outcomes are based on strong relationships. One way to start building and maintaining strong relationships is to return people's calls. Something that is very simple and easy to do.

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