Rob Ford needs to make a change

I have purposely stayed away from all of the fray that is the Rod Ford debacle. It’s no use taking pot shots when everyone else is. But this issue is getting out of hand. Mayor Ford has now taken to ridiculing fellow councillors, getting in shouting matches with the public, and generally disrupting the business of the city. Can you believe Toronto taxpayers are paying for all of this?

Corporate CEOs are let go by their boards when they under-perform. Just like they are accountable for their boards, Mayor Ford is accountable to the taxpayers. He had made it very clear that the only people he feels accountable to are the voters. The voters are his board of directors. The only way he will step down or even take a leave of absence is if the board of directors tells him to.

So far, the board has not been vocal about him stepping down. By passively watching, we are enabling this behaviour and sending the wrong message. Unless of course, this is how we want to city politics to be run in this great city of Toronto.

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