Running Your Business When Technology Fails

Last week, I called one of the local pizza places to order my favourite food (you guessed it, pizza). They told me that they could not take my order because their information system was down. I said, "so, write down my information on a piece of paper and make my pizza." They said that they could not take any orders until the system was back up. He told me the system had already been down for more than 45 minutes and they had to keep asking customers to call back…how many do you think called back?

Of course, we all have a very heavy reliance on technology, so what do we do when that technology fails us? You need to have a plan on how you are going to run your business. Prudent business owners have backup systems in order to save their data, but they also have business continuity plans for running their business. How do we take orders when the computer does not work? How do we ensure deliveries are still on time when our distribution system is down? How do we keep our customers loyal in the event of a technological event?

We have become so reliant on technology and expect it to be perfect, so many businesses do not deal with the questions above. Let's hope there is never another blackout or power outage or major snowstorm so that those businesses can survive.

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