Operational Excellence on Call

Operational Excellence On Call offers dramatic results for those organizations requiring real-time advice and rapid response to new ideas that will increase profitability and boost performance.

It will help you

  • Increase profitability by identifying and acting upon opportunities quickly.
  • Accelerate the acquisition and on-boarding of new customers and increase the retention of existing ones.
  • Boost internal performance through innovation and increase the level of collaboration.
  • Create new revenue streams from products, services, and new markets.
  • Accelerate results through the alignment of strategy and tactics.
  • Attract, hire, and retain top people for your organization.
“Andrew’s work will help us have better conversations with key customers and make the customer acquisition and retention processes easier.”

Tim Brown
General Manager (former)
3M Canada Healthcare

“Andrew’s guidance and expertise helped us implement transformational leadership principles that will create valuable, sustainable and positive change in our organization.”

Joanne Wright
Vice President and Controller-IT&S Finance (former)
The Bank of Nova Scotia

During our weekly calls, you will receive guidance on the best strategic approach for taking advantage of a new opportunity or dealing with a specific issue and how to best implement that strategic approach, as well as unlimited email access for ongoing support throughout the program.

Call me at 416-480-1336 to find out more about this service.