RFP Management on Call

RFP Management on Call provides dramatic results for those organizations requiring real-time advice and rapid response to RFP issues and opportunities.

If you are a buyer, it will help you

  • Improve purchasing return on investment and achieve better outcomes from the RFP process.
  • Increase your level of compliance with government procurement regulations and reduce your level of risk.
  • Improve your reputation with funding organizations and business partners.
“Andrew helped us utilize the directives and still get what we needed to get done in the ways that we needed to do it…Andrew has raised the level of confidence of staff in their ability to deal with issues and ensure the right compliance and the right processes are in place.”

Dan Hill
Chief Financial Officer
Women’s College Hospital

“Andrew was a huge help. We now have more accountability in our purchasing operations which will lead to better return on investment in our purchasing decisions and provide for additional cost saving opportunities for the organization.”

Jodi Butts
Senior Vice-President Corporate Affairs and Operations (former)
Mount Sinai Hospital

If you are a seller, it will help you

  • Win more RFP business and bring new customers on board faster and more effectively.
  • Improve customer retention.
  • Build stronger long-term relationships with customers and have better focus on customer needs.
  • Assess RFP opportunities better and use internal resources more effectively.
“We engaged Andrew Miller to work with our software sales and business development team…The resulting effect is a laser focus on higher quality opportunities which is resulting in a higher win rate for McKesson.” 

Ron Dunn
Vice President
Information Solutions
Integrated Healthcare Solutions, McKesson Canada

During our regular calls, I will provide guidance in any or all of these areas of the public procurement process:

  • When a procurement process can be bypassed.
  • Determining the right procurement process to use.
  • Evaluating RFP opportunities and submitting proposal responses.
  • Evaluating and scoring proposal responses.
  • Short listing suppliers, giving or evaluating supplier presentations, providing or assessing alternate proposals, and value adds.
  • Selecting and awarding contracts.
  • Holding or attending supplier debrief sessions.
  • Accelerating the on-boarding of newly awarded contracts.
  • Compliance with, interpretation of , and adherence to Canadian purchasing rules and guidelines.

You will have unlimited email access for ongoing support throughout the duration of our agreement.

Call me at 416-480-1336 to find out more about this service.