So You Want To Be an Operational Excellence Consultant?

Do you look at the way organizations operate and immediately see how they can improve? Have you always wanted to put this ability to use but struggle with where to start? Well now you have a place to start. Andrew Miller, author of Redefining Operational Excellence, and The Unified Theory of Profitability, is now offering training on his processes and approaches that have been used successfully with companies like 3M, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Becton Dickinson, McKesson, the YMCA, and Scotiabank. This succinct course teaches you how to:

  • Capitalize on your talents to double or triple the size of your business using your existing contacts and your existing prospects
  • Feel more comfortable talking with clients and prospective clients about what you can offer
  • Quickly develop new sources of income
  • Use this highly valuable methodology you don’t have now, but can acquire quickly
  • Increase your ability to rapidly identify Operational Excellence opportunities for clients, both internal and external
  • Help clients achieve dramatic and sustainable results

You can learn it in a day and use if for the rest of your life.

In one day, I will teach you my method and provide tools to get you started quickly. In addition, you will have unlimited phone and email access to me for 90 days afterwards. In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to quickly find money and performance boosts where others don’t normally look
  • The key areas where Operational Excellence can deliver value
  • How to identify clear priorities for clients that can have the biggest impact
  • How to improve the quality of client ideas and apply them for maximum value
  • To write specific objectives around operational excellence initiatives and establish the right metrics for each
  • To focus on the areas of highest value
  • How to practically and immediately apply what you have learned
  • To help clients to:
    • Innovate
    • Collaborate
    • Align strategy and tactics
    • Enhance customer engagement and increase retention
    • Optimize speed
    • Attract and retain top talent

In addition to the workshop and 90 days of support, you will be given access to my proprietary assessments and tools into perpetuity and receive copies of my books, videos, podcasts, articles and all other intellectual property to help you on your way.

Your investment for all of this is a one-time payment of $9,500.

If you are interested in signing up for this program, contact me at 416-480-1336 or [email protected].