Some respect for Edward Liddy, even just a little

I had to get this off of my chest, even though it is Saturday night. Obviously AIG is in the middle of this whole economic mess and Edward Liddy is in the middle of AIG. I have no opinion of this man or his career one way or the other, but I do hold a strange kind of respect for him. He took the job of CEO of AIG knowing that he was going to be in the middle of chaos. When he was asked to step in back in September of 2008, AIG had just received a significant bailout package from the US government. Do I agree with all of the decisions that he has made or  the things he has done? No. But I also do not envy him one bit.

Watching him on C-SPAN answer questions in front of the US Congressional committee, with each member angrier than the last, I realized that every day, he wakes up to clean up someone else's mess. He was not at AIG when most of the bad decisions were made and he was not the one that allowed questionable financial investments to be made by an insurance company. Yet he still agreed to take over the tiller of a sinking ship. Maybe he wanted to be the guy who fixed AIG or maybe he was naive as to the public outcry that would ensue. Either way, I would not trade places with him for all of the money in the world, and for that, I owe him at least a little bit of respect, if nothing else.

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