Strategy vs Implementation

This is the age old battle that companies contemplate, should we spend more time and effort on strategy or on implementation? That's easy…..implementation! There are lots of companies that can help you with strategy and there are lots of companies that are really good at developing excellent strategies, but what is the point of a good strategy if it is not implemented? Think about it this way, which company would you rather be: one that has a solid strategy that has been well implemented and is being executed by the whole organization or one with a world class strategy that is not understood and not being followed? Implementation delivers results, strategy does not. It is that simple.

Companies need to put more focus on the implementation of their ideas and less emphasis on the developing of the company strategy. Of course, strategy is still paramount to the success of the company because every company needs a plan and a direction and they also need to be constantly assessing that plan and direction. However, without the ability to execute on a plan, what is its point? Take a look at your organization and make sure that you are implementing your plans and if not, find out why and change it.

Make sure that employees understand the company strategy and are doing things to move the company closer to achieving that strategy. Make sure that suppliers and customers know the plan and that they are participating in its successful achievement. Make sure that you are putting measurements in place to track how much closer you are getting to your plan. 

Companies need to put more focus on the implementation of their plans to ensure that the boat is being steered in the right direction. You may have the most powerful engine (your strategy), but without a way to steer the boat (the implementation), you will speed off into places unknown and not know how to get back. Is that what you really want?

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