Success revisited

What is everyone talking about these days? How successful will GM and Chrysler be coming out of bankruptcy? How about all of the banks that received bailout money? What about those people who lost their jobs and their life savings? Iran? North Korea? There are so many things to worry about these days that we need to ensure that we focus on what we can control, our own success.

There are lots of industries that are doing well and looking for investments and good people. Healthcare, government and resources just to name a few. Not to mention some of the banks (especially in Canada) that are reporting strong results. We will come out of this economic turmoil and there are a lot of opportunities for success.

If you lost your job, take this opportunity to reinvent yourself.

If you lost your investments, find opportunities to make them back.

We will come out of this a stronger and better economy so make sure that you will be one of the people looking down from the top of the wave.

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