Surround yourself with smart people

As I was participating in a workshop yesterday, I remembered how much I enjoyed being around smart people. Being around smart people forces you to challenge your paradigms and develop new ideas. We cannot be afraid of what the future holds and we should always be looking to improve our businesses and ourselves. The best way to learn is to challenge basic premises and assumptions. This is a very challenging way to learn because we are hard-wired to to the same thing that we have always done and we believe that is the right thing to do.

When you research why Executives were successful, they almost unanimously cite the fact that they had a great team around them. I do not believe this to be a party line that they tow, it is the truth. Successful people challenge themselves to learn and improve every day and question their daily norms. They encourage those around them to develop new ideas and give them an opportunity to implement those ideas.

Now is the time to leverage and thrive and reinvent your company. How do you do this? Talk to the smart people around you and encourage intelligent discussions on your business model. Talk to your customers, talk to your suppliers, talk to your business partners. Question every assumption and premise, find out what paradigm change you need to make and just do it.

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