Lessons from the best

I have just spent the last two days with a small group of world-class consultants and it is amazing the level of discussion that has happened. Not just about our businesses, but also about our lives as a whole. Here are a few of my key observations:

  • You can’t grow without outside perspective. Getting a fresh perspective helps to generate new ideas.
  • An abundance mentality has nothing to do with money. You can think abundantly even before money starts rolling in.
  • Creating something new is the best way to stop negative self-talk. There is something energizing about creating something new that brings us to another level of consciousness.
  • The more comfortable we are with the value we can offer, the more value we can offer.
  • Having an abundance mentality frees your mind to focus on great ideas and great solutions.
  • Never measure yourself against the success of others, only against your own definition of success.
  • Look at your successes, determine the cause of those successes and then replicate that wherever possible.
  • When you act with poise, calmness, confidence and balance, you have the ability to create the best ideas for your customers and yourself.

Read this list and choose one or two statements that apply to your organization and do something about it.

Stay tuned for more thoughts as I still have one more day meeting with this amazing group.